Evolutionary Biology

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Media coverage

Selected coverage of our research by various media outlets.

Print media

Einsichten 22.06.2022: The power of chance oder Die Macht des Zufalls

The New Yorker 21.09.2021: Where do species come from?

Forbes Magazine 03.08.2020: Do birds of a feather speciate together?

Einsichten 1/2018:  Arten der Anpassung

Die Zeit 20.06.2016: Orca - Peeling Kur im Warmen

The Guardian 31.05.2016: Secrets of killer whale evolution revealed by genetic study

New Scientist 31.05.2016: Orcas are first non-humans whose evolution is driven by culture

El País 02.06.2016: Los humanos no son únicos: las orcas también evolucionan gracias a la cultura

Scientific American 21.08.2014: Baffling genetic barrier prevents similar animals from interbreeding

Die Zeit 17.06.2014: Sex in der Zone

Der Spiegel 23.06.2014: Rätselhafte Vermischung

Uppsala Nya Tidning 17.06.2014: Kråkor lika som bär

Sächsische Zeitung 24.05.2013: Auf den Spuren der Krähen

Laborjournal 3/2009: Der Krähe neues Federkleid

Handelsblatt 26.03.2009: Wie neue Arten entstehen

Bild der Wissenschaft 2009: 4x Avantgarde

Süddeutsche Zeitung 31.03.2009: Die Erfindung der Arten


Bayern2 Radio. Radiowissen. 25.11.2021: Schwarz, schwärzer am schwärzesten - Die Farbe Schwarz im Tierreich

Sveriges Radio 23.06.2014: Kråkors arvsmass skapar frågor


Nature Communities

19.01.2021 : Experimental Life

21.07.2020: Sailing the high seas of structural genomic variation

09.06.2020: The feather footed, evolutionary theory and conservation

25.03.2019: All crows are black - aren t they ?

Molecular Ecologist

12.04.2021: How do you use genome-wide diverstiy in conservation?

15.03.2021: What should conservation genomics researchers do about The Gap?

05.06.2017: Shared patterns of genomic diversity across populations of distantly related taxa

25.02.2015: The conservation genomics gap

26.02.2014: What s more isolating - environmental distance or plain old distance?

31.10.2012: One of these flycatchers is not like the other

Avian Hybrids

02.10.2021: Hybrids between Zebra Finch subspecies provide evidence for a weak meiotic driver

27.01.2021: How the hooded crow got its hood. A tale of two crows and a transposable element

02.07.2020: Do crows engage in extra-pair copulations to avoid hybridization?

20.11.2019: Are crows on islands experiencing a mutational meltdown?

04.05.2019: How to turn a Carrion Crow into a Hooded Crow (and vice versa)?

05.09.2019: Classifying Corvids: Peculiar phylogeographic patterns in the crow family


28.01.2015: Using drones to monitor bird nests

24.07.2014: A tale of two crows

29.12.2010: Hamilton s r vs. Ohtsuki s k

Press releases

11.01.2021: Evolution: speciation in the presence of gene flow

10.06.2020: Population ecology: origins of genetic variability in seals

26.05.2019: Birds of a feather speciate together