Evolutionary Biology

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* 6 year research fellow position available *

PhD students / Post-docs

People whose interests overlap with the projects in the lab and who may be interested in joining us should feel free to contact me any time. I am always happy to discuss potential research projects that are worth exploring together. In addition to current open funding and recurring departmental funding there are several attractive possibilities both from within Germany and the European Union which we have successfully exploited before.

Master / Project students

If you are interested in our research, you may consider doing a research project or writing your master thesis here. The work usually has a bioinformatic and/or labwork component, but there may also be opportunities to be involved in field work if you hit the right time of the year.

The Environment

The Division of Evolutionary Biology concentrates a broad expertise in evolutionary genetic research including functional genomics, comparative genomics, statistical genetics, conservation genetics and experimental evolution. It is hosted by the University of Munich which consistently ranked among the top Universities worldwide, in particular the life science branch with its newly inaugurated campus offering excellent technical facilities and many interaction possibilities including the gene center, several Max-Planck-Institutes and the Helmholtz Centre. With the highest concentration of supercomputing in Germany the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre and its local partners provide access to state-of-the art computing facilities.

Munich, Bavaria's capital, is a vibrant, yet relaxed city with many traditions still alive, a high quality of living and the Alps nearby.

The lab is also affiliated with SciLifeLab Uppsala and the Department of Evolutionary Biology located within the Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC), an exciting arena for multidisciplinary research in evolution currently housing some 400 scientists and graduate students from a diverse array of research programs.