Evolutionary Biology

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Scientific Publications

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Outreach Publications

Martinez-Solano, I., D. Buckley and R. J. Pereira. 2009. Darwin, las especies… y su origen: ejemplos actuales de especiación (Darwin, species… and their origen: recent examples of speciation). Quercus 16: 16-23. Published in Spanish.

Pereira, R. J., R. Ribeiro, and S. Rocha. 2005. Guia de Anfíbios e Répteis das Minas do Braçal (Guide of Amphibian and Reptiles from the Braçal mines). Vertigem, Leiria. Published in Portuguese, English and French.


Book chapters

Pereira, R. J. 2014. Convergent evolution. in R. Campos (Ed.), A book on Evolution (pp. 164). Porto, Portugal. Book published in Portuguese and Spanish.

Pereira, R. J. 2014. Evolution of flightless birds. in R. Campos (Ed.), A book on Evolution (pp. 164). Porto, Portugal. Book published in Portuguese and Spanish.