Dobzhansky club

Journal Club Description

In this weekly journal club we’ll be discussing topics in ecology and evolutionary genomics, alternating between recent papers and presentations on ongoing work (i.e. with the purpose of getting input, not a smooth research presentation). All members and master thesis students of the Evolutionary Biology Division are encouraged to attend and to present their projects. Everyone else interested in a specific topic is welcomed to join! This semester the seminar will be held online.

When: Tuesdays, 13:00 - 14:00
Online location Zoom: link
meeting ID: 992 7316 1813
Passcode: 930592


Please contact one of the PIs participating in this journal club (Wolf, Merrill, Niuwenhuis, Pereira, Franssen) for the link to the updated program.

Summer semester 2020:

4 August 2020: Talk: Melo-Ferreira, Jose (University of Porto) Adaptive introgression underlies coat color polymorphism in hares. host: Ricardo

28 July 2020: Talk: Schneeberger, Korbinian (MPI Köln, LMU Munich) How single-cell genome sequencing can help finding causal mutations; host: Jochen

21 July 2020: Talk: cancelled

14 July 2020: Talk: Duchen, Pablo (University of Lausanne) TBA; host: Ana

07 July 2020: Talk: cancelled

30 June 2020: Talk: TBA

23 June 2020: Talk: da Fonseca, Rute (University of Copenhagen) Population genomics reveals an underlying structure in the highly mobile Sardina pilchardus across its wide geographic range; host: Ricardo

16 June 2020: Talk: Agnieszka Lipinska (CNRS) Sex in the sea: the secret life of brown algae; host: Bart

9 June 2020: Talk: Stelkens, Rike (Stockholm University) TBA; host: Sergio

2 June 2020: Paper: Galtier, Nicolas (CNRS, University of Montpellier) How much does Ne vary among species?; host: Fidel

26 May 2020: Talk: Gwee, Chyi Yin (National University of Singapore) Phylogenomics of a 'great speciator'; host: Jochen

19 May 2020: Talk: ---

12 May 2020: Talk: Botero-Castro, Fidel (LMU Munich) Phylogenomics and life history evolution in hemiptera

28 April 2020: Talk: Knief, Ulrich (LMU Munich) The impact of culturally transmitted birdsong on genetic divergence in willow tits

21 April 2020: Talk: Penalba, Joshua (LMU Munich) Comparative spatial speciation genomics

Winter semester 2019/2020:

5 May 2020: Talk: Knief, Ulrich

28 April 2020: Paper: TBA

21 April 2020: Talk: Penalba, Joshua

14 April 2020: Paper: canceled

7 April 2020: Talk: Tusso, Sergio

31 March 2020: Talk: Peart, Claire

24 March 2020: Talk: get together remotely

17 March 2020: Paper: canceled

10 March 2020: Talk: Londoño, Diego and Celemin, Enrique

3 March 2020: Paper: canceled

25 February 2020: Talk: canceled

18 February 2020: Paper: Meier, J. I., R. B. Stelkens, D. A. Joyce, S. Mwaiko, N. Phiri, U. K. Schliewen, O. M. Selz, C. E. Wagner, C. Katongo, and O. Seehausen. 2019. The coincidence of ecological opportunity with hybridization explains rapid adaptive radiation in Lake Mweru cichlid fishes. Nature Communications 1–11. Springer US.

11 February 2020: Talk: Hausmann, Alexander

4 February 2020: Paper: Edelman, N. B., Frandsen, P. B., Miyagi, M., Clavijo, B., Davey, J., Dikow, R. B., ... and Challis, R. (2019). Genomic architecture and introgression shape a butterfly radiation. Science, 366(6465), 594-599.

28 January 2020: Talk: Johnson, Justin

21 January 2020: Paper: Zhang, D., L. Tang, Y. Cheng, Y. Hao, Y. Xiong, G. Song, Y. Qu, F. E. Rheindt, P. Alström, C. Jia, and F. Lei. 2019. “Ghost introgression” as a cause of deep mitochondrial divergence in a bird species complex. Molecular Biology and Evolution 36:2375–2386.

14 January 2020: Talk: Wolf, Jochen and Formoso, Irina

7 January 2020: Paper: canceled

17 December 2019:: Xmas party!

10 December 2019: Talk: Rossi, Matteo

3 December 2019: Paper: TBA

26 November 2019: Talk: Knief, Ulrich

19 November 2019: Paper: Irwin, D., 2019. n.d. Assortative mating in hybrid zones is remarkably ineffective in promoting speciation., doi: 10.1101/637678.

12 November 2019: Talk: Catalan, Ana

5 November 2019: Paper: Sun, D., D. L. Maney, T. S. Layman, P. Chatterjee, and S. V. Yi. 2019. Regional epigenetic differentiation of the Z Chromosome between sexes in a female heterogametic system. Genome Research 29:1673–1684.

29 October 2019: Talk: Peñalba, Joshu

22 October 2019: Paper: Dréau, A., V. Venu, E. Avdievich, L. Gaspar, and F. C. Jones. 2019. Genome-wide recombination map construction from single individuals using linked-read sequencing. Nature Communications 10:e1000658–11.

15 October 2019: Talk: Masters students

Summer semester 2019:

23 July 2019: Paper: Villa, S. M., Altuna, J. C., Ruff, J. S., Beach, A. B., Mulvey, L. I., Poole, E. J., et al. (2019). Rapid experimental evolution of reproductive isolation from a single natural population. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 116(27), 13440.

16 July 2019: Talk: Rowan, B. A., D. Heavens, T. R. Feuerborn, A. J. Tock, I. R. Henderson, and D. Weigel. 2019. An ultra high-density Arabidopsis thalianacrossover map that refines the influences of structural variation and epigenetic features. 217:392–56.

9 July 2019: Paper: Weissensteiner, Matthias

2 July 2019: Talk: Castro, Fidel

25 June 2019: Paper: TBA

18 June 2019: Talk: Peart, Claire

11 June 2019: Paper: Lee, K. M., and G. Coop. 2018. Population genomics perspectives on convergent adaptation. 1–19.

4 June 2019: Talk: Yearsley, James

28 May 2019: Paper: canceled

21 May 2019: Talk: Johnson, Justin

14 May 2019: Paper: Fossoy, F., M. D. Sorenson, W. Liang, T. O. R. Ekrem, A. Moksnes, A. P. M. O. ller, J. Rutila, E. R. O. skaft, F. Takasu, C. Yang, and B. A. R. G. Stokke. 1AD. Ancient origin and maternal inheritance of blue cuckoo eggs. Nature Communications 6:1–6. Nature Publishing Group.

7 May 2019: Talk: Warmuth, Vera

30 April 2019: Paper: Gould, S. J., and R. C. Lewontin. 1979. The spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian paradigm: a critique of the adaptationist programme. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. Series B 205:581–598.

Winter semester 2018:

26 Mar 2019: Talk: Hausmann, Alexander

19 Mar 2019: Talk: Master Students

12 Mar 2019: Paper: Recombination rate variation shapes barriers to introgression across butterfly genomes Simon H. Martin , John W. Davey, Camilo Salazar, Chris D. Jiggins

5 Mar 2019: Talk: Tusso, Sergio

26 Feb 2019: Paper: Canceled

19 Feb 2019: Talk: Peñalba, Joshua

12 Feb 2019: Paper: Xie, K. T., G. Wang, A. C. Thompson, J. I. Wucherpfennig, T. E. Reimchen, A. D. C. MacColl, D. Schluter, M. A. Bell, K. M. Vasquez, and D. M. Kingsley. 2019. DNA fragility in the parallel evolution of pelvic reduction in stickleback fish. Science 363:81–. American Association for the Advancement of Science.

5 Feb 2019: Talk: Nieuwenhuis, Bart

29 Jan 2019: Paper: Sara Branco et al., “Multiple Convergent Supergene Evolution Events in Mating-Type Chromosomes,” Nature Communications 9, no. 1 (May 21, 2018): 2000,

22 Jan 2019: Talk: Großer, Stefanie

15 Jan 2019: Paper: canceled

8 Jan 2019: Paper: Quake, J. W. H. N. F. B. B. S., H. C. Fan, B. Behr, and S. R. Quake. 2012. Genome-wide Single-Cell Analysis of Recombination Activity and De Novo Mutation Rates in Human Sperm. Cell 150:402–412. Elsevier Inc.

18 Dez 2018: Paper: Noon, E. P. B., Sabarís, G., Ortiz, D. M., Sager, J., Liebowitz, A., Stern, D. L., & Frankel, N. (2018). Comprehensive Analysis of a cis-Regulatory Region Reveals Pleiotropy in Enhancer Function. Cell reports, 22(11), 3021-3031

11 Dez 2018: Talk: Rossi, Matteo

4 Dez 2018: Paper: Jones, G. R. 2018. Divergence Estimation in the Presence of Incomplete Lineage Sorting and Migration. Systematic Biology 98:4563–13.

27 Nov 2018: Paper: Marin, R., D. Cortez, F. Lamanna, M. M. Pradeepa, E. Leushkin, P. Julien, A. Liechti, J. Halbert, T. Brüning, K. Mössinger, T. Trefzer, C. Conrad, H. N. Kerver, J. Wade, P. Tschopp, and H. Kaessmann. 2017. Convergent origination of a Drosophila-like dosage compensation mechanism in a reptile lineage. Genome Research 27:1974–1987.

20 Nov 2018: Talk: Catalan, Ana

13 Nov 2018: Talk: Weissensteiner, Matthias

6 Nov 2018: Talk: Pereira, Ricardo

30 Oct 2018: Talk: Knief, Ulrich

23 Oct 2018: Paper: Stryjewski, K. F., and M. D. Sorenson. 2017. Mosaic genome evolution in a recent and rapid avian radiation. Nature Publishing Group 1:1912–1922.

16 Oct 2018: organizational meeting

9 Oct 2018: Paper: canceled

2 Oct 2018: Talk: Castro, Fidel

25 Sep 2018: Paper: Bolıvar P., Mugal C.F., Rossi M., Nater A., Wang M., Dutoit, L. and Ellegren, H. 2018. Biased Inference of Selection Due to GC-Biased Gene Conversion and the Rate of Protein Evolution in Flycatchers When Accounting for It. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 35(10): 2475–2486.

18 Sep 2018: Talk: Tellier, Aurélien (TUM)

11 Sep 2018: Talk: Yildirim, Burcin (Masters defense)

Summer semester 2018:

7 Aug 2018: Talk: Weissensteiner, Matthias

3 Jul 2018: Paper: Kronenberg, Z. N., I. T. Fiddes, D. Gordon, S. Murali, S. Cantsilieris, O. S. Meyerson, J. G. Underwood, B. J. Nelson, M. J. P. Chaisson, M. L. Dougherty, K. M. Munson, A. R. Hastie, M. Diekhans, F. Hormozdiari, N. Lorusso, K. Hoekzema, R. Qiu, K. Clark, A. Raja, A. E. Welch, M. Sorensen, C. Baker, R. S. Fulton, J. Armstrong, T. A. Graves-Lindsay, A. M. Denli, E. R. Hoppe, P. Hsieh, C. M. Hill, A. W. C. Pang, J. Lee, E. T. Lam, S. K. Dutcher, F. H. Gage, W. C. Warren, J. Shendure, D. Haussler, V. A. Schneider, H. Cao, M. Ventura, R. K. Wilson, B. Paten, A. Pollen, and E. E. Eichler. 2018. High-resolution comparative analysis of great ape genomes. Science 360:eaar6343–13.

26 Jun 2018: canceled

19 Jun 2018: Talk: Tusso, Sergio

12 Jun 2018: Paper: Leducq, J.-B., Lou Nielly-Thibault, G. Charron, C. Eberlein, J.-P. Verta, P. Samani, K. Sylvester, C. T. Hittinger, G. Bell, and C. R. Landry. 2016. Speciation driven by hybridization and chromosomal plasticity in a wild yeast. Nature Microbiology 1:nmicrobiol20153–10. Nature Publishing Group.

05 Jun 2018: Talk: Warmuth, Vera

29 May 2018: Paper: Behrman, E. L., V. M. Howick, M. KAPUN, F. Staubach, A. O. Bergland, D. A. Petrov, B. P. Lazzaro, and P. S. Schmidt. 2018. Rapid seasonal evolution in innate immunity of wild Drosophila melanogaster. Proc Biol Sci 285:20172599–10.

22 May 2018: Talk: Knief, Ulrich

15 May 2018: Paper: Harris, R. B., P. Alström, A. Ödeen, and A. D. Leaché. 2018. Discordance between genomic divergence and phenotypic variation in a rapidly evolving avian genus (Motacilla). Mol Phylogenet Evol 120:183–195. Elsevier.

08 May 2018: Talk: Großer, Stefanie

01 May 2018: Holiday

24 Apr 2018: Paper: Van Belleghem, S. M., M. Baquero, R. Papa, C. Salazar, W. O. McMillan, B. A. Counterman, C. D. Jiggins, and S. H. Martin. 2018. Patterns of Z chromosome divergence among Heliconius species highlight the importance of historical demography. Molecular Ecology 17:4699–21.

17 Apr 2018: Talk: Hellmann, Ines

10 Apr 2018: Paper: TBA

Winter semester 2017:

3 April 2018: break

27 Mar 2018: Paper: break

20 Mar 2018: Talk: Jochen Wolf

13 Mar 2018: Paper: Sivakanthan Kasinathan, Steven Henikoff; Non-B-Form DNA Is Enriched at Centromeres, Molecular Biology and Evolution,

6 Mar 2018: Talk: Glib Mazepa

27 Feb 2018: Paper: Abbott, J. K., and E. H. Morrow. 2011. Obtaining snapshots of genetic variation using hemiclonal analysis. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 26:359-368.(link)

20 Feb 2018: Talk: MEME students

13 Feb 2018: break

6 Feb 2018: Paper: Runemark, A., C. N. Trier, F. Eroukhmanoff, J. S. Hermansen, M. Matschiner, M. Ravinet, T. O. Elgvin, and G.-P. Saetre. 2018. Variation and constraints in hybrid genome formation. Nature Ecology and Evolution: 1-11. Springer US.

30 Jan 2018: Talk: Matteo Rossi

23 Jan 2018: Paper: Genomic basis and evolutionary potential for extreme drought adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana. Moises Exposito-Alonso, François Vasseur, Wei Ding , George Wang, Hernán A. Burbo and Detlef Weiel

16 Jan 2018: Talk: Joshua Penalba

9 Jan 2018: Paper: Mads F. Schou, Volker Loeschcke, Jesper Bechsgaard, Christian Schleotterer,Torsten N. Kristensen. 2017. Unexpected high genetic diversity in small populations suggests maintenance by associative overdominance.

12 Dec 2017: Talk: Fidel Botero-Castro

5 Dec 2017: Paper: TBA

28 Nov 2017: Talk: Richard Merrill

21 Nov 2017: Paper: Good, B. H., M. J. McDonald, J. E. Barrick, R. E. Lenski, and M. M. Desai. 2017. The dynamics of molecular evolution over 60,000 generations. Nature 1–17. Nature Publishing Group. (link)

14 Nov 2017: Talk: Ana Catalán

7 Nov 2017: Paper: Guerrero RF, Hahn MW. Speciation as a sieve for ancestral polymorphism. Mol Ecol. 2017;00:1–7. (link)

31 Oct 2017: Holiday

24 Oct 2017: Talk: Bart Nieuwenhuis