Statistics for Masters Students at LMU faculty of biology, Summer Semester 2021

Prof. Dr. Dirk Metzler

Schedule for the next sessions for questions and exercises

Thursday, April 15, 5 pm:
We will discuss your questions on R. Before the session please watch the R videos and go through the R script R_intro.R.
Monday, April 19, 12:30 pm:
We will discuss your questions on the second video on descriptive statistics and the video on standard errors. If possible, please start watching the first video on basics from probability theory.
Thursday, April 22, 5 pm:
We will discuss your solutions of the exercise problems on sheet 1.


Videos on the statistics software R

part 1 (duration [min:sec]: 21:08), part 2 (19:04), part 3 (20:27), part 4 (20:12), part 5 (22:17), part 6 (13:34), part 7 (12:25)

Lecture videos

The videos contain some material from last year but may be updated during the semester or even some topics may be replaced.
  1. Descriptive Statistics: part 1 (duration [min:sec] 53:03), part 2 (36:55)
  2. Standard Error of the Mean: video (39:11)
  3. Basic concepts from probabilty theory:
    part 1: Probabilities and random variables (87:40),
    part 2: Expectation values, variances, covariances and correlations (81:23)
    part 3: Applications in quantitative genetics: Robertson-Price formula and the breeder's equation (53:59)
    part 4: Probability densities, normal approximations and the z-Test (50:00)
More videos are to be added during the semester.


Material will be added during the course. Please note that the handouts will not form a complete script. They only summarize the contents of the slides shown during the lecture. You will need to complement the handouts with your own notes during the lecture and read text books.
  1. Descriptive Statistics, bluearea.csv
  2. Standard Error
  3. Basics from Stochastics


Solving these exercise problems is an effective way to improve your understanding of the lecture contents. We will discuss your solution during the exercise sessions in the moodle forum or via online video meeting. If you like, you can send your solutions to the course instructor by uploading them on the moodle page of the course. If you do this early enough (two days before the session to be on the safe side), you may get feedback on your solution from the instructor before the exercise session. Before a particular exercise is discussed in an exercise session, you can already ask questions on the exercises in the moodle forum and give each other some hints, but please make sure that you do not tell too much at this point, so that all others have the chance to find their own solutions.
sheet1.pdf, swarth1.txt

Quantile Tables

The R statistics software

Examples of R commands: R_intro.R, FinchesSulloway.txt, swarth1.txt
There are several graphical user interfaces for, as for example RStudio.


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