An introduction to R, WS 2010/2011

Lecture with Exercises: (3 ECTS, 2 SWS)

Title An introduction to R

Instructor Dr. Martin Hutzenthaler, Prof. Dirk Metzler

Contents: R is a widely used tool for analysing data in biology. Therefore it is important to learn it. R is a free statistics software and can be downloaded from In the beginning of the course, we become familiar with R by typing in some simple commands. Then we learn how to simulate data and how to apply standard statistical tests. Necessary theoretical background will be provided in accompanying lectures. At the end of the course, students are going to be familiar with a selection of statistical features of R.

Time: Winter semester 2010/11 from February 14, 2011 till February 25, 2011
Lecture: 9.00-10.30
Exercise: 11.00-12.30
The afternoons are for preparing the exercises
Room: C00.005


Lecture notes: [pdf], [R commands](final)


Files: ccrt.txt, ChickWeightIncr.txt, deaths.txt, FinchesSulloway.txt, heartbeats.txt, lifespandata2.txt, lifespandata.txt, lifespandata.csv, lifespandataspace.csv, lifespandataspace.txt, miete03.txt, miete03.readme.txt, mite.txt, norovirus.fas, olympic.txt, olympic0.dat, olympic1.txt, olympic2.txt, olympic3.csv olympics.inch.txt olympics.meter.txt pchShow.pdf, R_intro.R, riscfactorsTable.txt, sequences.txt, studentgrades1.csv, studentgrades2.txt, studentsfile.txt, studentsnew1file.txt, studentsnew2file.txt, swarth.dat,


Requirements: None.

Language English (German if preferred by all attendees)

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