Multivariate Statistics in Ecology and Quantitative Genetics SS 2018

Lecture with Exercises (Vorlesung mit Übung)


Dirk Metzler and Noémie Becker

Time and rooms

25. June to 13. July
Lecture: Every day (Mo to Fr) from 9:00 to 10:30 in root C00.013. Exception: on Monday, 9. July, the lecture will be from 11:00 to 12:30, and in room G00.001
Exercises: Plan the rest of each Tuesday to Friday for working on the exercises. Exercise sessions on these days will usually be from 11 to 11:30 am and from 3:30 to 5:00 pm, the latter being in lecture hall B01.027

Exercises: While working on the exercise assignments you can sit in a lab room D00.027.


The makeup exam will be on 27. July at 9:30 am in room G00.031. To take the makeup exam you need to register by e-mail to Dirk Metzler before 25. July. Participants can bring non-programmable pocket calculators an their personal assortment of formulas on an A4 sheet. This A4 can have any contents on both sides BUT ONLY IN YOUR OWN HANDWRITING! (no copy, not print-out, not another person's handwriting)


Basic knowledge of statistics. If you are not already familiar with the free R software, it may be a good idea to install it on your computer and get a bit familiar with it before the course starts. Some examples (data file FinchesSulloway.txt), R tutorial, Martin's introductory R course.


In the exercises you will practice to analyse data with the methods listed below using the R software. We will discuss the interpretations of the results and problems that may arise during the analysis. In the lectures we will explain the theoretical concepts behind the methods and show how these methods can be applied.

Language: English

Course material

  1. Balanced design ANOVAs, parameter transformations: slides, R-script, exercises sheet 1, abcdx.txt, bp.txt
  2. Linear Models: slides, R commands for Darwin finches, Darwin finches data, exercises sheet 2, bacteria_trainig.txt, bacteria_predict.txt
  3. Generalized Linear Models: slides, exercise sheet 3, simulate_data4glm.R, TbDeerAndBoar.txt
  4. Mixed-effects models slides, lme4a.R, mcmcglmm.R, exercise sheet 8, fruits.txt
  5. Hotellings T2-test slides, R-script, raspberry.csv, exercise sheet 4, grapes.txt
  6. Principal Component Analysis (PCA): slides, R-script, exercise sheet 5, HeightShoeWeight.txt, Countries.txt, EWU.txt
  7. PCA Regression: slides, R-script, RIKZGroups.txt
  8. Redundancy Analysis (RDA): slides, R-script, exercise sheet 6, HSWoutlier.txt, artificialFishes.txt,
  9. Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS): slides, R-script, exercise sheet GWA, PhenoGenoMap.RData, genDataQC.Rdata, GWASfunction.R, 1-getGDS.R, countryOrigin.txt, myGDS,
  10. QTL Mapping slides, R-script, exercise sheet QTL
  11. Gene expression slides , rnaseq.R, microarrays.R
  12. Summary of some (but not all!) essential topics: handout

Material will be added during the course. Here is the course material from 2017.


Last update: 24. July 2018