Evolutionary Biology

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Selected Publications

Davey, J., Barker, S. C, Rastas, P., Pinharanda, A., Martin, S.H., Durbin, R., W.O. McMillan, Merrill, R.M., & Jiggins, C. D. (2017) No evidence for maintenance of a sympatric Heliconius species barrier by chromosomal inversions. In press Evolution Letters.

Montgomery, S.H. & Merrill, R.M. (2017) Adaptive divergence in brain composition between ecologically distinct incipient species. J. Evol Biol 30: 571-582

Merrill, R.M., … et al. (2015) The diversification of Heliconius butterflies. What have we learned in 150 years? J Evol Biol 28: 1417-38

Merrill, R.M., Chia, A., Nadeau, N. (2014) Divergent warning patterns contribute to assortative mating between incipient Heliconius species. Ecol & Evol 4: 911-917

Merrill, R.M., Wallbank, R.W, Bull, V., Salazar, P., Mallet J., Stevens, M. & Jiggins C.D. (2012) Disruptive ecological selection on a mating cue. Proc Roy Soc B 279: 4907-4913

Merrill, R.M., Gompert, Z., Dembeck, L., Kronforst, M.R., McMillan, W.O. & Jiggins, C.D. (2011) Mate preference across the speciation continuum in a clade of mimetic butterflies Evolution 65:1489-1500

Merrill, R.M., van Schooten, B., Scott, J.A. & Jiggins, C.D. (2011) Pervasive genetic associations between traits causing reproductive isolation in Heliconius butterflies. Proc Roy Soc B 278: 511-518


A full updated list of publications can be found at: https://richmerrill.wordpress.com/about/