Evolutionary Genetics

WS 2018/2019
Mondays and Tuesdays 10:30-12:00 (LMU-BioCenter B01.027)

Prof. Dr. Jochen Wolf
Prof. Dr. John Parsch

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Lecture Topics and Summaries (.pdf files)

Note: summaries will be posted each week after the lectures.


Historical Introduction  Summary

Mutation  Summary

Hardy-Weinberg-Principle  Summary

Genetic Drift  Summary

Effective Population Size / Neutral Theory   Summary

Population Subdivision   Summary

Selection and Adaptation   Summary

Population Genetics of Selection   Summary

Recombination   Summary

Linkage Disequilibrium   Summary

Quantitative Genetics  Summary

Speciation Genetics  Summary


*** Midterm Exam Monday, 03.12.2018 *** - find the results of the midterm exam HERE

Protein Evolution  Summary

DNA Evolution 

Molecular Phylogenetics 

Application of Molecular Phylogenetics 

Testing the Neutral Theory 

Human Evolution 

Positive Selection in Humans  Introduction to Genomics 

Functional, Comparative, and Evolutionary Genomics 

Evolutionary Developmental Biology 

Evolution of Sex Chromosomes 


*** Final Exam Tuesday, 05.02.2019 ***

Exam viewing (midterm + final): 12.02.2019 at 15:00 in room B01.015

Note: The midterm and final represent two parts of one exam. The cumulative score determines the final grade.
A make-up exam (midterm + final combined) will be offered on March 7, 2019 at 10:30 in room G00.001.
If you want to participate in the make-up exam, you must register with Prof. Parsch (parsch@bio.lmu.de) by Feb. 25, 2018.
You may only participate in the make-up exam if it is permitted by the exam regulations ("Prüfungsordnung") of your academic program.

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