EES Seminar and Discussion Course 3, Winter Semester 16/17

Instructors Benedikt Holtmann, Dirk Metzler

Time: Each Monday from 3:00 to 4:30
Room: D 00.013
Language: English
Guidelines: Guidelines.pdf

Long and short presentations given in the seminar

Human evolutionary genomics (31/10/16), Chair:Virginia

Transparency in ecology and evolution (07/11/2016), Chair: Luna

Detecting signals of positive selection (14/11/16), Chair: Ivan

Evolution of mating (21/11/16), Chair: Ile

Evolution of sociality and Hamilton's rule (28/11/17), Chair: Flo

Animal Personality and dispersal (5/12/16), Chair: Derk

Epigenetics (12/12/16), Chair: Manolya

Hybrids (19/12/16), Chair: Magherita & Alex

Gene trees and species trees (09/01/17), Chair: Sabhrina

Cancer dynamics from an evolutionary perspective (16/01/17), Chair: Katie

Phenotypic plasticity (23/01/17), Chair: Martin

Balancing selection and changes in selection pressures(30/01/17), Chair: Ali & Safiqul

Evolution of Mating and inference of population demography (06/02/17), Chair: Sabrina, Alejandro

Urbanization and human-induced rapid environmental change (HIREC) (13/02/16), Chair: Ana

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