Seminar and Discussion 3 / Hot topics in evolution, ecology and systematics, WS09/10

Instructors Prof. Dr. Susanne Foitzik, Prof. Dr. Dirk Metzler

Time: Each Monday from 3:15 to 4:45
Room: C 00.013
Language: English
Guidelines: Guidelines.pdf

Topics of presentations given in the seminar

Group selection

Oct 26: [GG09]
Gardner, A. and A. Grafen. Capturing the superorganism: a formal theory of group adaptation.. J Evol Biol, 22(4):659-71, 2009.
Nov 2: [LFPJ09]
Linksvayer, T. A., M. K. Fondrk and R. E. Page Jr. Honeybee Social Regulatory Networks Are Shaped by Colony-Level Selection.. Am Nat, 2009.

Evolution of cooperation

Nov 9: [GFM+07]
Gilbert, O. M., K. R. Foster, N. J. Mehdiabadi, J. E. Strassmann and D. C. Queller. High relatedness maintains multicellular cooperation in a social amoeba by controlling cheater mutants.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 104(21):8913-7, 2007.
Nov 16: [Arc09]
Archetti, M. Evidence from the domestication of apple for the maintenance of autumn colours by coevolution.. Proc Biol Sci, 276(1667):2575-80, 2009.
Nov 23: [RGB+09]
Ross-Gillespie, A., A. Gardner, A. Buckling, S. A. West and A. S. Griffin. Density dependence and cooperation: theory and a test with bacteria.. Evolution, 63(9):2315-25, 2009.
supplementary material
Nov 30: [AOW+09]
Antal, T., H. Ohtsuki, J. Wakeley, P. D. Taylor and M. A. Nowak. Evolution of cooperation by phenotypic similarity.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 106(21):8597-600, 2009.
supplementary material

Host-parasite coevolution

Dec 7: [HKJ+07]
Hughes, J., M. Kennedy, K. P. Johnson, R. L. Palma and R. D. Page. Multiple cophylogenetic analyses reveal frequent cospeciation between pelecaniform birds and Pectinopygus lice.. Syst Biol, 56(2):232-51, 2007.
Dez 14: [MSD+09]
McNamara, J. M., P. A. Stephens, S. R. Dall and A. I. Houston. Evolution of trust and trustworthiness: social awareness favours personality differences.. Proc Biol Sci, 276(1657):605-13, 2009.
Jan 11: [WGW09]
Wild, G., A. Gardner and S. A. West. Adaptation and the evolution of parasite virulence in a connected world.. Nature, 459(7249):983-6, 2009.
supplementary material
Jan 18: [DMD+09]
Dionne, M., K. M. Miller, J. J. Dodson and L. Bernatchez. MHC standing genetic variation and pathogen resistance in wild Atlantic salmon.. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci, 364(1523):1555-65, 2009.

From parasitism to sex and back

Jan 25: [JDL09 ]
Jokela, J., M. F. Dybdahl and C. M. Lively. The maintenance of sex, clonal dynamics, and host-parasite coevolution in a mixed population of sexual and asexual snails.. Am Nat, 174 Suppl 1:S43-53, 2009.
Feb 1: [SKB09]
Salathe, M., R. D. Kouyos and S. Bonhoeffer. On the causes of selection for recombination underlying the red queen hypothesis.. Am Nat, 174 Suppl 1:S31-42, 2009.
Feb 8: [PR09]
Pruitt, J.N. and S.E. Riechert. Sex matters: sexually dimorphic fitness consequences of a behavioural syndrome. Animal Behaviour, 78:175-181, 2009.
Feb 15: [KHR08]
Kokko, H., K. U. Heubel and D. J. Rankin. How populations persist when asexuality requires sex: the spatial dynamics of coping with sperm parasites.. Proc Biol Sci, 275(1636):817-25, 2008.

More articles, books, review articles, opinions,...

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[WGG07] S
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