EES Seminar and Discussion Course 3, Winter Semester 2018/2019

Instructors Niels Dingemanse, Dirk Metzler

Time: Each Monday from 2:00 to 3:30
Room: D 00.013
Language: English
Guidelines: Guidelines.pdf

Papers that will be discussed in this seminar

Oct 29: Molecular structure and evolution of morphology (Fr, Be)

Lundregan S.L., Hagen I.J., Gohli J., Niskanen A.K., Kemppainen P., Ringsby T.H., Kvalnes T., Parn H., Ronning B., Holand H., Ranke P.S., Batnes A.S., Selvik L.K., Lien S., Saether B.E., Husby A. & Jensen H. (2018) Inferences of genetic architecture of bill morphology in house sparrow using a high-density SNP array point to a polygenic basis. Molecular Ecology 27, 3498-514. (Cal)

Bosse M., Spurgin L.G., Laine V.N., Cole E.F., Firth J.A., Gienapp P., Gosler A.G., McMahon K., Poissant J., Verhagen I., Groenen M.A.M., van Oers K., Sheldon B.C., Visser M.E. & Slate J. (2017) Recent natural selection causes adaptive evolution of an avian polygenic trait. Science 358, 365-8. (Le)

Nov 5: Host-parasite arms race (Mo, Aur)

Gomez, P.; Ashby, B.; Buckling, A. (2015) Population mixing promotes arms race host-parasite coevolution. Proc Biol Sci. 282: 20142297 (Kar)

Nuismer, S. L. (2017). Rethinking Conventional Wisdom: Are Locally Adapted Parasites Ahead in the Coevolutionary Race?. Am Nat, 190(4), 584-593. (Ci)

Nov12: Immunity and susceptibility (Ci, Aug)

Payne, P., Geyrhofer, L., Barton, N. H., & Bollback, J. P. (2018). CRISPR-based herd immunity can limit phage epidemics in bacterial populations. Elife, 7,. (Mo)

MacPherson, A., Otto, S. P., & Nuismer, S. L. (2018). Keeping Pace with the Red Queen: Identifying the Genetic Basis of Susceptibility to Infectious Disease. Genetics, 208(2), 779-789. (Fr)

Nov 19 Maintenance of behavioural variation (Kat, Mic)

Duckworth R.A., Belloni V. & Anderson S.R. (2015) Cycles of species replacement emerge from locally induced maternal effects on offspring behavior in a passerine bird. Science 347, 875-7. (An)

Lapiedra O., Schoener T.W., Leal M., Losos J.B. & Kolbe J.J. (2018) Predator-driven natural selection on risk-taking behavior in anole lizards. Science 360, 1017-+. (Cam)

Nov 26: Evolution of eusociality (Ir, Kat)

Olejarz, J., Veller, C., & Nowak, M. A. (2017). The evolution of queen control over worker reproduction in the social Hymenoptera. Ecol Evol, 7(20), 8427-8441. (Ke)

Piekarski, P. K., Carpenter, J. M., Lemmon, A. R., Moriarty Lemmon, E., & Sharanowski, B. J. (2018). Phylogenomic evidence overturns current conceptions of social evolution in wasps (Vespidae). Mol Biol Evol,. (Fe)

Dec 3: Evolution of personality (Cam, Vr)

Holtmann B., Lagisz M. & Nakagawa S. (2017) Metabolic rates, and not hormone levels, are a likely mediator of between-individual differences in behaviour: a meta-analysis. Funct. Ecol 31, 685-96. (Aur)

Niemelä P.T. & Dingemanse N.J. (2018) Meta-analysis reveals weak associations between intrinstic state and personality. Proceedings B 2018, 20172823. (Aug)

Dec 10: Genome architecture and evolution (Cal, Si)

Barton, N.H. (2017) How does epistasis influence the response to selection? Heredity , 118(1), 96-109. (Ma)

Miles, A., Iqbal, Z., Vauterin, P., Pearson, R., Campino, S., Theron, M., Gould, K., Mead, D., Drury, E., O'Brien, J., Ruano Rubio, V., MacInnis, B., Mwangi, J., Samarakoon, U., Ranford-Cartwright, L., Ferdig, M., Hayton, K., Su, X. Z., Wellems, T., Rayner, J., McVean, G., & Kwiatkowski, D. (2016). Indels, structural variation, and recombination drive genomic diversity in Plasmodium falciparum. Genome Res, 26(9), 1288-99. (Fel)

Dec 17: Evolution of pace-of-life syndromes (Ma, Ke)

Mathot K.J. & Frankenhuis W.E. (2018) Models of pace-of-life syndromes (POLS): a systematic review. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 72. (Hu)

Salzman T.C., McLaughlin A.L., Westneat D.F. & Crowley P.H. (2018) Energetic trade-offs and feedbacks between behavior and metabolism influence correlations between pace-of-life attributes. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 72. (Vr)

Jan 7: Primate evolutionary genomics (Hu, El)

Pouyet, F., Aeschbacher, S., Thiery, A., & Excoffier, L. (2018). Background selection and biased gene conversion affect more than 95% of the human genome and bias demographic inferences. Elife, 7,. (Go)

Reis, M. D., Gunnell, G. F., Barba-Montoya, J., Wilkins, A., Yang, Z., & Yoder, A. D. (2018). Using Phylogenomic Data to Explore the Effects of Relaxed Clocks and Calibration Strategies on Divergence Time Estimation: Primates as a Test Case. Syst Biol, 67(4), 594-615. (Ro)

Jan 14: Sexual selection for attractiveness(Fer, An)

Gosden T.P., Reddiex A.J. & Chenoweth S.F. (2018) Artificial selection reveals sex differences in the genetic basis of sexual attractiveness. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115, 5498-503. (Ir)

Wang D.P., Forstmeier W., Ihle M., Khadraoui M., Jeronimo S., Martin K. & Kempenaers B. (2018) Irreproducible text-book "knowledge": The effects of color bands on zebra finch fitness. Evolution 72, 961-76. (Be)

Jan 21: Phylogenetics and speciation (Fel, Go)

Leache, A. D., Zhu, T., Rannala, B., & Yang, Z. (2018). The Spectre of Too Many Species. Syst Biol,. (Kat)

Scornavacca, C., & Galtier, N. (2017). Incomplete Lineage Sorting in Mammalian Phylogenomics.. Syst Biol, 66(1), 112-120. (Si)

Jan 28: r- vs K-selection (Mig)

Saether B.E., Visser M.E., Grøtan V. & Engen S. (2016) Evidence for r- and K-selection in a wild bird population: a reciprocal link between ecology and evolution. Proceedings B 283, 20152411. (El)

Feb 4: Indirect genetic effects (Ro, Le)

Costa e Silva J., Potts B.M., Gilmour A.R. & Kerr R.J. (2017) Genetic-based interactions among tree neighbors: identification of the most influential neighbors, and estimation of correlations among direct and indirect genetic effects for leaf disease and growth in Eucalyptus globulus. Heredity 119, 125-35. (Mic)

Bailey N.W., Marie-Orleach L. & Moore A.J. (2018) Indirect genetic effects in behavioral ecology: does behavior play a special role in evolution? Behavioral Ecology 29, 1-11. (Mig)

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