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Publications by Dirk Metzler

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    Supplementary Material, see also http://www.informatik.uni-frankfurt.de/~metzler/McQFold
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for analyzing population genetic data:
  • Jaatha is an R package for estimating demographic parameters from population genetic data.
for Bayesian phylogeny estimation:
  • TreeTime is an extensible C++ software package for the Bayesian sampling of phylogenetic trees.
for RNA structure prediction:
  • PhyloQFold is a program for MCMC-sampling conserved secondary structures with pseudoknots for given RNA sequence alignments.
  • McQFold is a program for MCMC-sampling secondary structures with pseudoknots for given RNA sequences.
for alignment sampling:
  • MCMCSALUT is a program for joint sampling alignments an mutation parameter estimates for a given pair of DNA sequences.
    It is based on a model allowing insertions and deletions of more than one site at a time in combination several options for the subtitution process.
  • MCMCALGN is a program for joint sampling alignments an mutation parameter estimates for a given pair of DNA sequences.
    It is based on a model for the process of insertions and deletions of single nucleotides that was proposed by
    J. Thorne, H. Kishino and J. Felsenstein (1991, J. Mol. Evol. 33).

for geo-referenced clustering: http://www.math.uni-frankfurt.de/~stoch/software/ivhg/index.html